About Us

GOSPEL LINE  is a ministry of sharing God’s Word in online  Bible Messages, and missions support

Judy Whittaker—–Ministry coordinator

“I am a mother of 3,  a grandmother of 6, and a child of God. I am a Bible facilitator and praise and worship leader for our church at the local nursing homes and love sharing my faith with others.I also am the editor of this Gospel Line website. My faith has led me from a self-destructive lifestyle to a path of compassion, humility, and a great love for God and for others. I believe that Jesus is the true Light of the world!”

Dave and Diana Chadwick—–packing, shipping, prayer team

Dave and I have been married for 31 years, with two children and one granddaughter. Dave’s passion is writing and singing songs for the Lord. I enjoy  spending time with my granddaughter Nora and volunteering for Christian organizations. We both want to serve God in any way possible.

Lil Sakai—-prayer team, inspiration

I work as a project coordinator at Yale University, but my true passion is being active in my church and volunteering for several Christian groups. I have a missionary’s heart after having lived in Africa, Japan, and Malaysia. I love being a part of God’s kingdom here on earth and upon retirement I hope to return to the mission field full time.




One response to “About Us

  1. Hi Judy,

    Thanks for liking my post “Better to be a Lion”.

    If you have the time and inclination, please visit my other blog “Inspirations” too – http://tvaraj2inspirations.wordpress.com wherein I write on what inspires me on reading the gospel. I don’t sermonize.

    I post every day on both my blogs.

    Thanks for dropping by!

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